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Creamed corn

September 27, 2009
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corn bliss waiting to happenthe finished product

It’s the end of the corn season.

The other night I made creamed corn from fresh corn. The little ears had called to me when I stopped in at the Mexican market down the street, and I’d seen a recipe recently in a blog.

Before this, creamed corn had existed for me as a food that emerged ex nihilo as itself.

The only times I’d ever eaten it were at my grandparents’ house, from a can. My grandpa loved it — maybe because he was from the south – and there were always cans of it on the can-shelf just inside the garage. His mother Nelly, a Texan woman with character, made pancakes with creamed corn, smothered in Karo corn syrup.

But that creamed corn, although I liked it because it was familiar, was too sweet, somehow unnatural. I had no idea it was such a simple and wholesome recipe at base.

The sauce that forms is alive in a way the canned creation isn’t. The corn juice is milky and sweet-smelling and fresh. To contrast the milky mildness, I added a touch of cayenne.

Other recipes call for cream; I used whole milk. They call for onions or shallots; I stayed simple: just corn.

I blended it lightly with an immersion blender.

And so I demystified creamed corn. It emerged from the fog, the miasma of sweet childhood ignorance. And I like it even more.

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